This details my motivation and efforts in creating dockerterm, an R package the provides an RStudio Addin for running a Docker container in the RStudio terminal. Recently I’ve been using Docker quite a bit with various projects I’m working on. I’ve always liked the idea of Docker, but as I’ve become more familiar with it I’ve started to really appreciate its magic. As a “way too brief” overview, Docker provides a convenient way to manage system dependencies by creating lightweight virtual environments known as containers.

The FutuRe is Bright

What a rush. I’m still trying to fully process everything that happened at RStudio::conf. To be short, it was an incredible and transformative experience. Rather than just blast through everything that happened chronologically at the conference and everything I enjoyed (which would could go on forever, the list is long), I’ll instead highlight five general takeaways/themes from the conference. In a subsequent post I’ll outline personal goals and takeaways that came from the conference as well.